The Architecture we practice is based on the creative explorations we have undertaken and is all about space, people and cultures. It derives a lot from the valuable contributions made by spiritual people, interactive clients, friends and also the local craftsmen and workers who have from time to time, given various insights and have enriched our understandings on architecture and life.

So, the Research, we refer to, is not any academic programme, but a exploration that we are into.

Plants..Through our projects we try to understand and explore the local plants of Kerala and also try to integrate them in our landscape projects. For Sakthan Tampuran Heritage Gardens Project, we identified around 500 indigenous species of plants and trees with the help of experts and then successfully planted them creating an eco-hotspot within the city.

We have followed the same approach in our other projects like Kudakkallu Parambu, Vadakkechira , Sripada Dance Kalari etc.


In our projects we strive to use materials which are eco-friendly in nature. Some of the materials which we have tried out include wood, copper, lime, mud, terracotta blocks, oxide floors, bamboo etc

Traditional organic wood preservation methods like wax and oil coating techniques have been used.


 We believe that every material/structure has life.  According to us traditional architecture follows the universal energy systems which connect the human beings to built structures and with the nature around.

For us most of the traditional architectural spaces have been successfully achieving this harmony.

We have been working on these lines for long and are currently involved in doing documentation of various traditional house forms of Kerala. This project is supported by Akash Foundation ,Pondicherry. (