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Project description

Sakthan Tampuran Heritage Gardens

Location :
Clients :
Department of archaelogy, Kerala
Funding :
Kerala State tourism department
Project Area :
6 acres
Landscape assistance :
Gopi, Thrissur
Sculptures :
Valsan Kolleri, Alex Mathew, Rajasekharan Nair, Bennita, Sukesankanka
Consultancy Butterfly park :
Anil PC, Bangalore
Consultancy Bamboo garden :
KFRI, Peechi, Thrissur
Magnetic grid and
Prabhat Poddar,
Geo-biological research :
Year :


SakthanThampuram Park was designed as a contemporary public space for people to experience the nature-centric culture of Kerala. The significance of the project lies in the fact that Kerala landscape is fast loosing its identity. Along with it is lost the culture evolved along!
Landscape of Kerala since ancient times has been the setting of many schools of learnings. The many classical dance and art forms draw materials, inspiration and contextual setting from it. Kathakali face masks are constructed from the bark of a local tree called  ‘Kumizh’ while flowering trees like Parijatam, Ezhilampala, Champakam are a part of the folklore and rich Malayalam poetry. There are numerous others linked to Ayurvedic traditions.

SakthanThampuram Park was designed on this rich cultural and heritage context. DD Architects’ team researched into the indigenous flora and fauna of the region and planted more than 400 indigenous species of plants. It took five years for these plants to convert the space into a forest within the thickly urbanised Thrissur city.
The other features included a butterfly garden, bamboo park, ayurvedic garden, Kulappuras (traditional bath structures), mini-open air theatre, sculpturalseating and other sculptures and archaeological park.
A 200 year old natural sacred groove within the park was also protected and maintained.
The work on site involved interesting interactions, collaborations between architects, modern sculptors, traditional craftsmen, biologist, archaeologist and craftsmen.