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Tanjavur Amma Veedu Revitalisation (Proposal)
Swathi Thirunal, the legendary king of Travancore built the Tanjavur Amma Veedu for his dancer wife, Sundaralakshmi, popularly known as Sugandhavalli. Thirunal a ruler in early 19th century, was a genius musician who is credited with more than 400 compositions in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music. The royal residence located in West-Fort area near the Padmanabhaswamy temple has four courtyards and is called pathinarukettu (the building with four courtyards).The compound also has a colonial-style palace built adjacent at a later stage.

The Amma Veedu and the palace in the front is planned to be converted into a live cultural space where people can experience the talented king’s time through dance, music, visuals and cuisine.
The plan also involves converting the colonial structure in the front into a period-guesthouse with a library, coffee shop and souvenir craft shop.
Swathi Thirunal and Sugandhavalli are believed to be the founders of Mohiniattam classical dance style as practiced in Kerala today. The space thus holds a great significance in the cultural landscape of region.