Info File

Project description

Location :
Palakkad, Kerala
Client :
Methil Devika
Contractors :
Jaya, Girish, Robin
Design team :
Sushil, Irfan, Niji Nataraj
Murals :
Prabeesh Chammanur
Year :

Sreepada Dance Kalari

Sreepada Dance Kalari is designed as a practice space for a classical dancer in Palakkad.  The dancer wanted a vibrant space for dance and related art forms which is contemporary, eco-friendly and can inspire guru-shishya style of teaching dance. The dance space is inspired by Kutambalams (traditional dance halls in temples) of Kerala. Traditionally a temple or a building was considered living and a representation of the human body. Sreepada was an attempt to design a living space.

The design was inspired by the relation between dance movements and architectural structure and the construction followed all the ritualistic practices of traditional architecture.

White walls, rough granite, terracotta tiles, treated bamboo and mural paintings have been used to create the desired aesthetics.

Trees were planted and mural paintings were done in different cardinal directions as prescribed in the traditional texts. Craftsmen from Tanjavur sculpted the Dharma Chakra in the lintel stone.

A Sreepada which also gives the space its name is fixed symbolically outside, in front of the eastern door. The structure relates closely to the seasonal and daily cycles of the nature by offering different variations of light and shade.

The foundation of an old house in the front was strengthened to create a stage and a small old room in the front was revived into a dressing space.