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Our office situated in a small building adjacent to the home of our Director is built from a small shed which was there, way back in 2002. This structure has been our greatest laboratory, to experiment different concepts, materials, and philosophies.
The space has undergone a series of changes, from the small shed it was , at a point of time to a full fledged Architectural office..Its still undergoing changes, and we would like it to be in this way, so that it would be a ground for many of our experiments.
The greatest challenge we faced is when we had to add 2 floors above, keeping the ground floor, which still has, almost 80 year old laterite walls and the structure intact. This addition was achieved by adding columns from outside the building and by supporting the upper floors though beams running through the structure. Our Engineer, Santosh and our contractor Raghuram who have been helping us for the last 20 years, helped us achieve it.
We could achieve a certain quality, standard, in exposed concrete work, which have been one of the attempts in our office. This was achieved though purchasing fresh logs of mango wood, cutting it as equal pieces in mill and using them for shuttering; this way we could also achieve fine textures of the wood imprinted in the concrete. These are very fine works, which needs a lot of precision and good craftsmanship, while doing, and being our office, we had the freedom to carry out such works.
We had also explored plastering with organic lime plaster mixed with indigenous herbs, admixtures, different colors of oxides, terracotta tiles, where we experimented with different levels of firing etc.
Also we did also explore different kinds of mud plastering, bamboo, used in different ways and also materials such as palm wood sheets, which are an exciting material to work with. These explorations are still on and we will explain some of them in the upcoming blogs.
Also thanking everyone, who has been part of our journey.

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