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As we look into many of our projects and works, it’s the craftsmen who worked along with us in those projects that added a lot to our work. It’s not just the quality of our spaces, but many of them have inspired us to think and to look into different aspects of Architecture and Life; and its different ways.
We often feel the connection the craftsmen have with their tool and material, is essential to keep and feel by us with Architecture. In today’s world of 3D images and visual imageries, Architecture often loses this trait, which is its true life. The feel and breathe of the spaces we design, depends on the materials used, the people who worked on it and the thought behind the process.
Among the many craftsmen who have come and worked, one who particularly comes to mind is Sankunnychettan , a laterite craftsmen who worked with us in the landscaping of the Sakthan Palace, Manorama junction and a Pool furniture for an old restored residence. He has a certain mastery over the material and it was a pleasure to see him work
Another person that I remember is Thankamanichettan, our initial carpenter/moothassari for Vadakkunnathan renovation. He had, in fact, started the Vadakkunnathan renovation works along with ASI, even before, we got into the picture. There is a lot to talk about him, his works and do remember the time spend at the coffee house with him. Similar are the memories with Chandrettan, our master copper craftsman. We are happy that we could complete Guruvayur Bhagavathy temple works with him. I am remembering all the above mentioned people with gratitude, as none of them is with us today.
Other people like Joyettan (oxide) and Vijayakumar (Lime), too, have contributed to our craft. There are many more who are not mentioned here, about whom I will, perhaps, write later.
What did we learn from them? It’s the sacred connection between the material, tool and the person, which transfers to the structure. The Architecture, we practice, too try to explore this connection between the body and the structure.

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