dd Architect’s studio is a space for design; we want it to grow into a space for research into architecture and indigenous knowledge systems. The studio would like to encourage architects, craftsmen and young creative minds to interact, share and develop creative expressions. The studio is inspired from local technologies and has a contemporary flavor – it expresses our attitude towards design and architecture.


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Our journey

dd Architects started as the individual architectural practice of Vinod Kumar MM. During his architectural training at Ahmedabad, Vinod was introduced to Kerala’s rich architectural traditions.

Soon after college in Bangalore, Vinod left to work in a French-Malaysian Architectural company at Kuala Lumpur. There he worked on modern high rises. A sudden turn of events brought Vinod back to his home-town in Kerala and he started traveling around the state exploring its indigenous architecture, people and art forms.

In 2002 Vinod started Design Dreams with his first formal public project –Sakthan Tampuran Heritage Gardens at Thrissur. In the next one decade, Design Dreams undertook a variety of projects – Architecture, Conservation, Landscape, Interiors and Urban Revitalisation. In 2013 Design Dreams evolved to a full fledged studio – dd architects.